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forensic dentistry

Bitemark Evidence
(one of the required textbooks)

Bitemark Evidence: A Color Atlas and Text, 2nd Edition, 2011

CRC Press, Boca Raton, Fl., 2011. (ISBN: 9781439818626 – CAT# K10984)


Comments regarding the 1st edition:

Bitemark evidence is a clear and welcome reflection of the maturing of forensic odontology as a science. Dr. Dorion has performed an invaluable service in presenting the most up-to-date techniques of bitemark analysis in an intelligent and easily referenced manner. He has wisely chosen his contributors, whose aggregate knowledge and experience represent the very backbone of this field.

Dr. Arthur D. Goldman
Past-president, American Academy of Forensic Sciences
Past-president, American Board of Forensic Odontology

Twenty-one different authors contributed to the 30 chapters that make up this exceptional book. Their work is careful, rigorous, highly didactic and skillfully illustrated, thus meeting all the requirements needed to address the problem of bitemark identification, a particularly delicate subject in forensic dentistry.

Dr. Michel Perrier, Lausanne, Switzerland,
International Organization of Forensic-Odontostomatology

Comments regarding the 2nd edition:

The analysis of bitemark evidence is clearly the most challenging, and arguably the most intriguing aspect of forensic dentistry. And the stakes involved are high, because the bitemark evidence in a case may well be the key factor in determining whether a human being will be exonerated or sentenced to death.

In 2003, Dr. Robert B. J. Dorion decided that there was a need to assemble the best in-depth knowledge available regarding bitemark evidence and create a high quality text that would be a valuable and unprecedented tool for case work, research, teaching, and any other activity involving bitemarks. He developed a team of 21 exceptionally well-qualified contributors and worked industriously to assist them. The result was the 2005 publication of the first comprehensive text anywhere on the subject of bitemark evidence. As such, it is a landmark in the field of forensic science.

The outstanding reception received by the first edition validated Dr. Dorionʼs foresight, and is a tribute all who contributed to that monumental work. That edition also provided a solid foundation for enhancements, and the book you are now reading is a major step forward from the excellent first edition. The editor has maintained his insistence on quality, and has added new topics, new contributors, and new chapters.

Recent years have seen challenges to the legitimacy of various types of pattern analysis and this has certainly included bitemark analysis. These issues are addressed in depth in this text, starting at the end of the opening chapter. Much additional material presenting both the challenges and the responses are found.

I salute Dr. Dorion and the many top-flight individuals involved in this effort for bringing together an awesome amount of information on an important subject in an organized fashion. The text “Bitemark Evidence” remains unchallenged in its field. Most importantly, I believe that both the novice and the weathered veteran in forensic dentistry who seriously utilize the contents of this book will feel richly rewarded for having done so. I wish the reader well in the adventures that lie ahead.

Gerald L. Vale, DDS, MDS, MPH, JD, D-ABFO
Past-President, American Board of Forensic Odontology
Distinguished Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Sciences

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