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forensic dentistry

Comments From Former Course Participants

“I would recommend it to any dentist serious about getting involved in forensics. It is an excellent jump start into the field of forensic odontology.”

Dr. Murray Pearson,
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.

“A very intensive and interesting course. The reading material is fascinating and the assignments are challenging. Highly, highly recommended.”

Dr. David Wolle,
Ra’anana, Israel.

“These have been the most rewarding continuing education courses I have taken. The course material is thorough and builds upon itself. The assignments pull things together and the interaction with the instructor is collegial and usually quite entertaining.”

Dr. Scott C. Keenan,
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

“Even though I have taken many courses in forensic dentistry, I took this course because it offered a more in-depth and intensive study of dental identification and bitemark analysis. I was particularly interested in modules 4 and 5 that would give me hand’s on experience.

I have found the readings extensive and interesting, particularly the newest, Bitemark Evidence, edited by this mentor. The course itself is challenging, and time-consuming. However, as an internet course, the time restraints are adaptable to the student’s schedule, which makes it manageable. The weekly chats allow for helpful real-time discussion.

I am finding this course to be an advanced course, challenging for even those odontologists who may have studied forensic dentistry, but not had the hands-on experience or the chance to exchange ideas with collegues. I think the course warrants more than a certificate, possibly a Master’s degree… I am very pleased with the material and format.”

Dr. Susan G. S. Anderson
US Virgin Islands and Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA

“This internet course on forensic odontology is challenging, well organized, detailed and extremely thorough for those dentist seriously interested in forensic dentistry having computer skills. It systematically teaches identification, computer identification programs, bitemark analysis and comparison and how to apply both logical and analytical thinking to every forensic case.

Although time-consuming and challenging it has allowed me to continue to practice full-time with the expectation of becoming a trained forensic odontologist.

The overall course was an amazing experience particularly Modules 4 and 5. I can’t say enough good things about the experience.

Be prepared to work HARD and long hours but worth it in ways I can’t describe.”

Dr. Michele Louise Nielsen
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

“This forensic internet course gives both theoretical and practical experience in forensic dentistry. It accomplishes clear objectives with the readings complimenting the practical computer assignments. Knowledge of computers and Photoshop is an essential prerequisite.

I am able to run a busy general practice and follow this challenging and very demanding course from anywhere in the world.

The entire course is very complete and interesting. This mentor has an obvious passion for forensic dentistry and transmits that passion to participants.”

Dr. Sylvain Laforte
Verdun, Quebec, Canada

“A forensic indoctrination covering diverse subject matter that includes victims of water, fire and crime, unknown skeletal remains, lost identity, mass disaster scenarios – all cases requiring a measure of creative thinking to solve. This course delves into the process to generate substantiated evidence borne from your dental knowledge and experience. It will challenge ones powers of observation and logic, while testing your fortitude and mettle to bear expert witness to the stark realities of the unnatural, even grisly demise of life. You will understand that you will be part of a team, interacting cooperatively with other forensic specialties of medicine and natural science under authority of law enforcement.

These modules are rich in depth, enough to launch an interest and pursuit to become part of the forensic family, for both professional and humanitarian reasons.

To be tutored by one of the eminent pioneers in the field is an opportunity and an investment to acquire a skill set of expertise in a concentrated form.

The online medium provides a convenience and versatility to study on your discretionary time wherever your laptop location, home or otherwise – a valuable consideration.”

Dr Richard R. Beehler
Victoria, BC, Canada

“Dealing with forensic dentistry from an identification standpoint really brings to light the difficulties that forensic odontologists face in putting together a sound scientific basis for the identification and matching of remains. This is such an important activity especially when dealing with mass disasters as evidenced with the 9/11 attacks and other acts of terrorism and natural disasters. It is an avocation that is not to be taken lightly and requires a lot of training, dedication and compassion.”

Dr Thomas A Gromling
Stephens City, VA, USA

“Challenging, highly practical and internationally accessible. A broad, relevant and absorbing introduction to contemporary forensic odontology.

Can’t suggest major improvement to the Modules – found the exercises most satisfying and challenging. The readings were of wide scope and offered exposure to some of the broader aspects of Forensic Dentistry. The constant exposure to real case studies gave the Modules immediate relevance.”

Dr Ross Meldrum
Dunedin, New Zealand

“Modules weaved seamlessly as the course progressed… Yes, it is at present the only course on forensic odontology offering the opportunity for a broad and comprehensive background with minimal disruption of participants’ other routines. It is offered by the very best in the field.”

Dr Kalu U.E. Ogbureke,
Houston, TX, USA

“Being able to look at a skull and consider race and gender is great. Stepping back and thinking of the overall story of the set of remains (potential socioeconomic factors etc.) as opposed to just identification has been wonderful. I have had some previous training and experience in identifications but none in this area. I’ve enjoyed it tremendously.”

Dr Ellen Jane Sim,
Canadian Armed Forces, Nova Scotia, Canada

“Discussing the cases in detail helped me pick up “trademark” hints to take along and use on a possible situations/scenarios. The amount of reports was a bit overwhelming at times, but manageable… My brain is still processing all the information!”

Dr Lena D. Karkalas,
Providence, RI, USA

“This course is a “must do” for anyone interested in the science of forensic dentistry. It takes you through every aspect leaving nothing to chance. One will actually learn to appreciate practicing dentistry more since you will become aware of the forensic importance of every aspect of general practice. You will view your patients in a different light while doing this course as each may be a future victim or suspect. Definitely will recommend it since its ideal for the working person.”

Dr Kurt Rishi Tackoor,
San Fernando, Trinidad, W.I.

“This course is so amazing!!! So challenging & rewarding!! I don’t want it to end! You have established a course well beyond all expectations! I thank you.”

Dr Sherrie Kathleen MacLean,
Nevada, USA

“The modular was very informative and very well put together.”

Dr Anthony Albert Gallo,
Middletown, Connecticut, USA

“I am extremely satisfied with the modules. I feel like I have learned so much since I started your courses!”

Dr Hazel Axinto Rodseth,
Bergen, Norway

“It is an honour and very insightful to spend time with Dr. Dorion discussing bitemark analysis.  He is an expert and authority in this field.  To understand his approach and thought process with respect to bitemark analysis is invaluable.”

Dr Christopher T. Clarke,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“While the DL modules were challenging in term of time management, this training was an enriching continuing education opportunity. Thank you”

Dr Melanie J.C. Dumas,
​Canadian Armed Forces, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The hands-on experience was exceptional .for both the invasive and non-invasive techniques. It made it all worthwhile”

Dr Emmanuel Chukwuka Otoh,
Jos Plateau, Nigeria

“This module was exciting, well organized which took place  in a busy modern  forensic science  laboratory. The level of exposure to practical elements of forensic odontology was unprecedented and I would strongly recommend  you sign up to come to Montreal. Dr Dorion will provide you with an unparralled learning experience.”

Dr Mary Delia Clarke,
​Dun Laoghaire, Ireland

“This is an intense and extremely challenging course, yet supremely rewarding.  I haven’t worked so hard, studied so much, since I graduated dental school! After completion of modules 1, 2 and 3, I have a greater understanding, respect and knowledge for forensic odontology.  The architect of this course, Dr. Dorion, constructed lessons and assignments that created a solid foundation for future learning.  The content of this course – from the textbook, academic literature, current research to popular media articles – was top notch.  Beyond the science, this course will take you through the legal system and responsibilities that odontologists are obligated to ethically uphold at all times.”

Dr Suzanne Laura Santoro,
​Toronto, ON, Canada

“Module 3 regarding Bitemarks is an excellent module to learn all aspects of bitemark interpretation.  This course is a must for all ranges of forensic odontology interest ranging from curiosity to Board Certification intent.”

Dr Tammy Lee Balatgek,
​Wyomibsing, PA, USA

 “An excellent introduction to the field of Forensic Odontology.”

Dr Kelly Keith Brooke,
​Calgary, AB, Canada

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