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Implants - From Planning to Rehabilitation

course summary

Friday, Feb 3, 2023, 1 - 5 p.m.

Planning for Success in the Esthetic Zone (Dr. Miguel Vidal)

As the predictability of implant therapy has increased, patients’ expectation levels have risen as well. The implant restoration needs to integrate seamlessly with the natural dentition. An understanding of proper treatment sequencing is critical to achieving a highly successful esthetic outcome. Intimate coordination between the precise surgical aspect and the restorative phase is paramount in consistent esthetic restorations. Participants will learn different treatment protocols that can be applied to achieve the desired esthetic outcomes.

Learning Objectives:
-Identify esthetic risk factors for natural teeth and implants.
-Understand the impact of treatment timing between the surgical and restorative phases.
-Recognize the role of implant provisionals in creating and maintaining soft tissue contours for implant esthetics.
-Review the role of the implant-abutment interface in prosthetic success

Building Solid Foundations for Teeth and implants (Dr. David M. Kim)
Hard and soft tissue augmentation procedures around teeth and implants allow clinicians to offer both esthetic and predictable treatment outcomes for demanding patients. Time-tested surgical procedures that have been utilized in periodontal surgical procedures can be also applied to dental implant surgical procedures. This presentation will allow participants to be familiar with gold-standard and upcoming alternative techniques and biomaterials to achieve desired outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

To be familiar with common hard and soft tissue augmentation procedures in dentistry.
- To understand the potential limitations of these procedures and the role of growth factors for difficult cases.


Hands-on:  Digital Planning of the Esthetic Zone (Dr. Thomas Nguyen)


Saturday, Feb 4, 2023 1-5 p.m.

Multidisciplinary Case Presentation: Rehabilitation of an Edentulous Patient (Drs. Miguel Vidal and David M. Kim)
This presentation will allow synergy between periodontists and prosthodontists in terms of converting periodontally compromised dentition that is heading toward a complete denture to a dental implant-supported full-arch fixed prosthesis. 

Learning Objectives:
- To identify ideal conversion cases that are based on clinical and radiographic patient evaluations.
- To understand the advantages and disadvantages of dental implant-supported full-arch fixed prosthesis.
- To review maintenance protocol for dental implant prosthesis.

Hands-on: “Smile in a Box” Solution for Edentulous Patient Rehabilitation (Dr. Thomas Nguyen)

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