In-Depth Infection Control
with Supervised Practice in Clinical Setting

Oct 25th, 2021—Nov 20th, 2021

BLENDED LEARNING: 3 weeks of remote & livestream for Infection Control modules PLUS 4 hours of hands-on practice in Undergraduate Teaching Clinic.

For International Dentists, Dental Hygienists and Dental Assistants and any others who want to learn or refresh their knowledge of current infection control guidelines.

You will receive instructions by email after registering for the course.

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Oct 22, 2021 9:00 a.m.


This in-depth training is offered by the Faculty of Dentistry infection control specialist. McGill will supply all equipment & materials – as well as the barrier materials for the 3-hour live clinical practice session.

Course Summary

This course in infection control protocols, as taught to our own undergraduate students and according to the criteria in the licensure exam, will start on Oct 25th and offer the same recorded lectures, virtual live Q & A, as well as a 2-hour test as taken by our second year dental students and includes a 4 hour in-person practical session in our undergraduate teaching clinic, where each will be able to review and practice unit setup as per the most recent requirements of the dental examination board – with coaching & supervision.




BLENDED LEARNING –  As offered to our own undergraduate dentistry students –

Recorded Lectures, weekly Zoom Question & Answer sessions with Ms. Somerville, 2-hour test to evaluate your knowledge/learning and a 4-hour in-person “practical” session in the undergraduate teaching clinic with time to review and practice unit setup as per the most recent requirements – with coaching and supervision.

Week of Oct 25th: (to view at your convenience)

Lecture 1 (Virtual Recorded) – 1 hour

  • Infectious Disease Transmission and Routine Precautions

Lecture 2 (Virtual Recorded) – 1 hour

  • Hand Hygiene & Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Lecture 3 (Virtual Recorded) – 1 hour

  • Clinical Contact Surfaces


Monday, Nov 1st, 7:00-8:30 pm

Live Q & A (Zoom livestream) – 1.5 hour

  •  Discussion & Question Period


Week of Nov 1st: (to view at your convenience)

Lecture 4 (Virtual Recorded) – 1 hour

  • Sterilization and Disinfection

Lecture 5 (Virtual Recorded) – 1 hour

  • Sharps Safety

Lecture 6 (Virtual Recorded) – 30 minutes

  • Infection Control for the Dental Laboratory

Lecture 7 (Virtual Recorded) – 1 hour

  • Infection Control for Endodontics


Monday, Nov 8th, 7:00-8:30 pm

Live Q & A (Zoom livestream) – 1.5 hours

  •  Discussion & Question Period for Lectures 5, 6 & 7 and review for theory exam


Nov 8th to Nov 15th: (Exam to complete virtually at your convenience)

  • Theory / Multiple Choice Exam – 2 hour time limit to complete

  • Your results will be available within approximately one week (before the hands-on session in our clinic)


Nov 20th: (Live Hands-on) – 1 to 5 pm at Faculty Undergraduate Clinic

  • Review of Unit setup as per national board specifications (30 minutes)

  • Practice time in our clinic with mannequins/typodonts/barriers with staff available to observe & correct, as well as answer questions about infection control in the clinical setting



SOMERVILLE cvent 150-200.jpg
Wendy Somerville, MLT, MSC

Ms Somerville has an extensive background in clinical microbiology, laboratory biosafety and respiratory disease research and has been a practicing Infection Control Professional since 2003. Before joining the faculty at McGill dentistry, she was a member of the Infection Prevention and Control service at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) where she held the dossiers for diverse inpatient units as well as outpatient clinics and services including dentistry and medical device reprocessing. Since 2009, Ms Somerville has overseen McGill Faculty of Dentistry’s undergraduate and residency infection control teaching program, and currently serves both as an inspector and on the committee charged with updating Infection Control Guidelines for the Order of Québec Dentists (ODQ).